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Saturday Morning TV Super Quiz

All our Saturday morning guests have taken part in a quiz to find out how much they know about their era of Saturday morning TV.  Here are the scores so far…Mike Read and Trev Neale are in the lead with all their questions correct.

Mike Read Saturday Superstore 5 5 100.00
Trev Neal Going Live/Live and Kicking 6 6 100.00
Andi Peters Live and Kicking 5 5 100.00
Basil Brush Basil and Barney's Swap Shop 4.5 5 90.00
Simon Hickson Going Live/Live and Kicking 5 6 83.33
Keith Chegwin Swap Shop/Saturday Superstore 3.5 5 70.00
Maggie Philbin Swap Shop/Saturday Superstore/Saturday Picture Show 3 5 60.00
Chris Bellinger Editor Saturday Morning TV 3 5 60.00
Ortis Delay Live and Kicking 3.5 6 58.33
Noel Edmonds Swap Shop 2.5 5 50.00
Mitch Johnson Live and Kicking 2 5 40.00
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