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Award Winning Soap Comes to The Sound of Sunday

The award winning radio soap Huntsford is coming to The Sound of Sunday.

The drama, which is made and produced by Huntingdon Community Radio, is being made available to hospital radio stations, and The Sound of Sunday will start broadcasting it on 30 May.

The award winning soap drama is set in a small market town called Huntsford in the middle of the English countryside. Huntsford lives in a fictitious, parallel universe version of our world. Whilst it picks up on current themes and issues, it also provides an escape from the here and now. For this reason it is a Covid-free zone.

The drama is built by a team of over 30 volunteers from all walks of life, ranging in age from 20 to 70+. The Huntsford team comprises two recording engineers, a producer/director, four scriptwriters and 25 actors. The team is now on Season Five, so is experienced in producing material to the exacting schedule required by a radio soap.  The Sound of Sunday will start from episode 1.

Enthusiasm and commitment are useful weapons in the armoury. Normally the episodes are recorded in the studio, but throughout the pandemic Huntsford has been recorded remotely via Zoom. As ever, the more experienced actors motivate, coach, and encourage the newcomers.

This picture gives an overview of the locations and characters in Huntsford. Scroll down to find out more about each character.

Will Sam and Mario’s spring wedding go according to plan? Is Fiona really pregnant and, if so, who’s the father? Will Huntsford’s very own rock band – Mabel and The Edge – ever make the big time? Will Bob ever commit to Judy? And what do you make of Alastair? There’s plenty of material to sustain the Huntsford community for many years to come.

The Huntsford cast is made up of dozens of volunteers who live and breathe drama, and more specifically – love audio!  Huntsford can be heard every week on the show on HRB and on The Sound of Sunday Extra Time podcast and kicks off with 2 introduction episodes on 30 May.


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