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Special Guests

20/12/1998 Keith Chegwin Panto – Basingstoke
23/12/2001 Keith Chegwin Panto – Basingstoke
22/12/2002 Keith Chegwin Panto – Reading
22/12/2002 Toyah Wilcox Panto – Basingstoke
21/12/2003 Chris Jarvis Panto – Basingstoke
21/12/2003 Chris Lilicrap Panto – Reading
19/12/2004 Anne Charleston Panto – Basingstoke
19/12/2004 Chris Lilicrap Panto – Reading
18/12/2005 Chris Lilicrap Panto – Reading
18/12/2005 Barney Harwood Panto – Basingstoke
12/02/2006 Katrina – Katrina and the Waves Eurovision/new single
26/03/2006 Lisa Andreas Eurovision
01/10/2006 Maggie Philbin 30 Years of Saturday Morning TV
01/10/2006 Trev Neal 30 Years of Saturday Morning TV
01/10/2006 Simon Hickson 30 Years of Saturday Morning TV
01/10/2006 Mitch Johnson 30 Years of Saturday Morning TV
17/12/2006 Chris Lilicrap Panto – Reading
17/12/2006 Gary Turner Panto – Basingstoke
16/09/2007 Paul Daniels Magic show in Basingstoke
09/09/2007 Simon Parkin 22 Years of CBBC links
09/09/2007 Andy Crane 22 Years of CBBC links
Oct-07 Ortis Deley Saturday Morning TV
16/12/2007 Chris Lilicrap Panto – Reading
16/12/2007 Chris Jarvis Panto – Basingstoke
19/10/2008 Peter Duncan 50 Years of Blue Peter
14/12/2008 Ray Meagher Panto – Basingstoke
14/12/2008 Guy Siner Panto – Reading
21/03/2009 Duncan Goodhew Swimathon
27/03/2009 Basil Brush Saturday Morning TV
13/12/2009 Anna Williamson Panto – Basingstoke
13/12/2009 Simon Davies Panto – Reading
13/12/2009 Mike Read Christmas single/Saturday morning TV
01/10/2010 Matt Allwright 30 years of Watchdog
01/10/2010 Noel Edmonds Saturday Morning TV
12/12/2010 Andrew Agnew (CBEEBIES) Panto – Basingstoke
12/12/2010 Justin Fletcher Panto – Reading
03/07/2011 Cheryl Baker Eurovision/30 Years of Bucks Fizz
11/12/2011 Jolyon Dixon Panto – Reading
11/12/2011 Ben Ryan Davies (Waterloo Road Panto – Basingstoke
16/12/2012 Lucy Benjamin Panto – Basingstoke
16/12/2012 Luke Roberts Panto – Basingstoke
16/12/2012 Noel Brodie Panto – Basingstoke
16/12/2012 Jolyon Dixon Panto – Reading
15/12/2013 Derek Moran Panto – Basingstoke
15/12/2013 Colin Baker Panto – Basingstoke
15/12/2013 Corn Exchange panto cast Panto – Corn Exchange
15/12/2013 Emma Barton Panto – Reading
15/12/2013 Chris Bellinger Editor Saturday Morning TV
15/12/2013 David Moorcroft Director of Join In
15/12/2013 Katrina – Katrina and the Waves two new books
15/12/2013 Chrissy Sykes Help for Heroes charity single
14/12/2014 Keith Chegwin Panto at the Anvil
14/12/2014 Corn Exchange panto cast Panto – Corn Exchange Newbury
22/03/2015 Duncan Goodhew Swimathon 2015
03/05/15 John Champion (The Odiham Society) The Magna Carta Festival
02/08/15 Geoff Wightman Head of Road Running at British Athletics (last event on the original running track at the Olympic London 2012 stadium)
16/08/15 Trev and Simon To promote Strangeness in Space
13/12/15 Mark Rhodes Panto at the Anvil
13/12/15 Corn Exchange panto cast Panto – Corn Exchange Newbury
18/09/16 Chris Mears Olympic Team GB Gold Medalist
25/09/16 Andi Peters Live and Kicking presenter
01/10/16 Trev Neal receiving his certificate and mug at the Leicester Square theatre as part of the Saturday Morning TV SuperQuiz compilation
11/12/16 Bob Lowe Silverline
11/12/16 Sarah-Jane Buckley and Ben Harlow Panto cast The Anvil
11/12/16 Cast of Cinderella Corn Exchange Panto
11/12/16 Mary Edwards Departing Chief Executive of Hampshire Hospitals Trust
4/6/17 Alex Leger Former Producer/Director of Blue Peter talking about John Noakes
10/12/17 Mark Curry Talking about Blue Peter and John Noakes
10/12/17 Andrew Agnew and Gary Turnewr Basingstoke Anvil panto Peter Pan
10/12/17 Cast of Beauty and the Beast at the Corn Exchange 2017 panto
18/02/18 Jodie Steele All Together Now finalist from Basingstoke
23/09/18 Peter Purves Blue Peter’s 60th Birthday
23/09/18 Ewan Vinnicombe, Editor of Blue Peter Blue Peter’s 60th Birthday
21/10/18 Alex Leger Blue Peter’s 60th Birthday
16/12/18 Mike Read and Basil Brush Promoting their Christmas single and panto in Windsor plus Mike is presented with his Saturday Morning Tv Superquiz prize
16/12/18 Dani Harmer Panto at the Anvil
16/12/18 Chris Pizzey Panto at the Anvil
16/12/18 Cast of Jack and the Beanstalk Panto at the Corn Exchange in Newbury
24/03/19 Johnny Ball Children’s TV legend of the 70s and 80s and still going strong
15/1219 Cast of Sleeping Beauty at The Corn Exchange in Newbury Panto at the Corn Exchange in Newbury
15/12/19 Mark Rhodes Panto at the Anvil/Crackerjack
15/12/19 Basil Brush Panto in Windsor/Crackerjack
22/03/20 Michele Monro New album of Matt Monro’s music
13/12/20 Martin Parsons New DVD of interview with Lala Ward from Doctor Who
12/12/20 Michele Monro New 4-part Matt Monro documentary
30/05/21 Sue Rodwell-smith Producer of new soap Huntsford
13/12/21 Cast of Cinderella at the Corn Exchange in Newbury Panto at the Corn Exchange
13/12/21 Joe McFadden Panto at the Anvil
27/03/22 Michele Monro New book about being disabled on a cruise
24/04/22 Nick Stapleton Presenter of BBC One’s Scam Interceptors
11/12/22 Rachel Grundy Cinderella at The Anvil
11/12/22 Cast of Jack and The Beanstalk Panto at the Corn Exchange Newbury
07/05/23 Duncan Goodhew Swimathon 2023
18/06/23 Paul Harvey, Leader of Basingstoke and Deane Borough Council Basingstoke Festival 2023
10/12/23 Alexander O’Neal Just turned 70/farewell tour
10/12/23 Alan Fletcher Christmas single release
10/12/23 Melanie Walters/David Rabi The Return of Peter Pan at the Anvil
10/12/23 Cast of Beauty and the Beast Corn Exchange panto

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