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t was 3pm on 24th March 1991 when The Sound of Sunday first took to the air with presenter Neil Ogden. The TV Themes Quiz and the Cinema and Theatre Guide were two of the features of that very first show.

Since then, the show has expanded, and now contains a regular selection of features.

The "Big Christmas Show" has always been memorable and special, normally involving a mad dash around the hospital with Christmas crackers for the staff and patients. The show normally happens on the last but one Sunday before Christmas and also includes interviews with the stars if the local Christmas pantos and shows and a link up with other stations around the UK.

We have covered fun days at the hospital, pantos on the children's ward, celebrity football matches at Basingstoke football ground and much else besides.

Over the years, there have been spin offs of the show. There was The Sound of Sunday Morning and The Saturday Club on Kestrel FM when the station was run as a short term service in 1994 and 1995, and on HRB itself, a show which ran for three months called The Big Wednesday Show. There was also The Sound of Sunday and The Carnival Express on Basingstoke Carnival Radio in 1992.

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