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Mysterious Cities of Gold

It's a story of friendship, courage, adventure, and danger as three children – Estaban, Zia and Tao accompanied by Spanish Navigator Mendoza and his sailors Pedro and Sancho, go on a search for the legendary Mysterious Cities of Gold.  The original story was based loosely on Scott O Dell’s book The King’s Fifth and was made into a 39 part epic cartoon series in 1982 entitled "Mysterious Cities of Gold".

Towards the end of 1998,  we produced a 19 episode radio version of the series which was first broadcast in 1999 and then again in 2001 and 2002.  

Since then, the series has become cult viewing all over the world with millions of fans and now there is something for all MCoG fans to enjoy – a 26 part sequel.  Not only that – 3 new series in total will be made!

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