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Since the end of March the show has sounded very different to normal.  In line with government guidelines, the show has not come from HRB’s studio since 22 March and has been produced from the home of Studio 63 Productions in Tadley since.

For most of that time, the show has been recorded in advance.  An initial attempt at a live show did not go quite to plan, and whilst changes to the show were planned, the opportunity was taken to repeat our interview with Michele Monro and some of the Morrisons Prize Draw winners.

Gradually though a new format has evolved and the new “Staying at Home” show was created.

For several weeks this was also based around a recorded show format, featuring some of the show’s normal features plus one or two new extras, but for the last two weeks, it has been possible to do the show live from a remote studio, and that is the way it will hopefully stay for the next few weeks, bringing back the ability to take phone calls and play requests.

There may be more features added in the coming weeks as we build confidence in live remote shows and what is possible broadcasting in this way, but the most important thing about the show as always is the requests and thanks to HRB’s team of ward visitors, they have kept coming.

we also got to thinking that with a bit of extra time on our hands, how about creating an extra show, so The Sound of Sunday EXTRA came on air on a Friday afternoon at the start of May.

It’s an hour on a Friday afternoon with some of the regular features from the main show.  And from Saturday 23 May, the show will be heard on a Saturday afternoon too!

We hope to be back in the studio at HRB later in the summer, but it looks like we will be broadcasting from home for at least the remainder of this series, which is due to come to an end at the end of July.  Series 30 was planned to start at the end of August and we had started planning some special shows for our 30th year.  Hopefully we can still do some of that but one thing is for sure, series 29 has been different to any other year we’ve done!



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