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Superman Coming to an end after 12 Years!

On 22 February 2009, The Sound of Sunday started playing the original 1940s episodes of The Adventures of Superman.  The first episode, The Baby From Krypton, was originally broadcast in America on February 12 1940.

There have been breaks in that time, but this Sunday, 12 years later, the last episode that will be used on the show will be broadcast.

The reason that it won’t be heard anymore is that as they have got newer, the audio quality of the episodes has gone down.  It’s also always good to try new things and we have two new features lined up to start in a couple of weeks time.

However it’s not the end for the world’s most well known superhero.  The series will end with a double bill – episodes 1245 and 1246 but there are still several hundred more to go and you can go on listening to them via our website.

We’ll be making an episode available via our website each week so you can go on following and enjoying Superman 1940s Style.

Listen this Sunday for details of when the next episodes will be available.


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