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Back to Normal

After two weeks of being air for slightly shorter than normal and then slightly later than normal, it’s back to the regular 1.30 – 4 time this Sunday.

We’ve got all the regular features including the continuing Memory Makers Olympic Years feature, which will be turned into a special show later this month for the Olympics.

The 1940s episodes of Superman returned to the show last weekend.  We’ve played over 100 episodes in the series over the last two years, but with over 1100 in tota, there’s some way to go yet.  Superman still carries on today of course although the character is very different.  In the 1940s series, he was a bit of a secretive character, with Clark Kent not wanting people to know much about him, quite different to the story today.  How the character has moved on over the years will be the subject of another HRB special later in the year.


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