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How Quickly Has the last Two Weeks Gone

It hardly seems like two weeks since Mr Bean helped with Chariots of Fire and Her Majesty parachuted into Olympic Park, but believe it or not London 2012 will be drawing to a close this weekend.

Yes there were some teething problems and the media seemingly couldn't wait to jump on every little issue that needed to be sorted, but when it all started and especially when Team GB started winning, that all seemed to have been forgotten and to me it seems that London has delivered an Olympic Games the whole country can be proud of.

I was in Hyde Park for the Women's Triathlon where the crowd was huge and the atmosphere was amazing.  From what I've heard, it was the same at all the events and venues.  I was also at Wembley where despite the fact that the match was apparently sold out, there was a huge number of empty seats, and I think that is the one issue that has stuck around right through the games.  Previous games have had problems with empty seats though, maybe Rio can learn from 2016. 

Having said that, I didn't see any empty seats in the main stadium.

So as we come to the end of the games, all of us who have been watching from the start have some great memories of the last two weeks.  Don't forget though, the Paralympics are still to come and should offer just as much excitement and drama.  Get ready for London 2012 part 2!

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