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Show 997 – Sunday 21 February 2016

Every so often I disappear on a Sunday to a hospital radio regional event elsewhere, which means someone else looks after the main part of the afternoon and The Sound of Sunday is on for just an hour.  This weekend, I'm off to look around Epsom Hospital Radio, who have recently moved to new studios.  It's always interesting looking around other stations and seeing how they work, and EHR used to have a setup that wasn't too different to HRB – a scruffy old portakabin hiden away on their hospital grounds.  Like us, that's now gone, and it will be interesting to see what they have now.

So Simon Penn is looking after the first part of Sunday afternoon and then iot's an hour long show from 3 including a double helping of Superman 1940s Style.  We're back to normal next week with an extra "Winter Special" in between – next Friday at 5.

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