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The End of a Fantastic Summer

A few months ago I said on air how flat it is going to feel once the closing ceremony of the Paralympic Games comes to an end.  At the time, it felt like a long way off but this Sunday that time will come as the closing of the Paralympics takes place.

I spent a fantastic 2 days at Olympic Park this week and got more idea of the sheer scale of the place.  In 1994, someone stood on that site when it was a wasteland with a vision, and boy has that vision come to spectacular reality in 2012.

The park will stay of course, opening to the public next July although I suspect it will look very different.  It's all about the legacy and the park will be at the centre of that.

The athletes of Team GB get another chance to shine as they parade through London on Monday afternoon and I should think a good number of them will gather at the Excel in London for the BBC Sports Personality of the Year in December.

And for those of us who went to the events of summer 2012, the memories will live on for a good deal longer.

We'll celebrate Team GB's success on the show this Sunday – Sunday 1.30pm.

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