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Happy New Year

After all the excitement of another very successful Christmas Show, The Sound of Sunday took a break for the last Sunday of the year to make way for the Most Requested of the Year countdown.  But we're back live this Sunday as usual at 1.30pm.

We have the weekly Sainsbury's draw, the retuyrn of the Brain Teaser and we'll follow all the weekend's local and national sport.

It's hard to believe that it will be the second half of this series with only breaks for the Most Requested of the Decade chart on January 26th and the weekend of the National Hospital RAdio Awards in March to come before the summer break in June.  We'll be going to the annual hospital radio showpiece event in March with 3 nominations for HRB including my programme that I made at the final public tour of BBC TV Centre last February.  It's still hard to believe that such a building could be closed.  Since recording the programme on the last public tour of the building, I have seen countless photos of the building as it is now and as it used to be, and read lots of stores from those who have worked there for many years.  The last department only moved out a few weeks ago and the BBC is still clearing the site.  Planning permission was granted just a couple of weeks ago for what the new owners want to do with it, and I have also read about the plans that BBC Production are making for moving back into the newly refurbished studios 1, 2 and 3 towards the end of next year when the building of a hotel and flats will be well underway and the centre part of the building will be a public area.  It will certainly be very different, but at least it will be open and being used again.




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