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Six Months?

Six months ago from today (25 January(, the greatest summer the UK has ever seen kicked up a gear as London 2012 got underway with that spectacular opening ceremony and the subsequent weeks of sport we will never forget.

The last 6 months have gone by so quick, but those looking after Olympic Park seem to have been busy.  They've turned it into a building site once more transforming it into the new community of London it will become.

Having spent the day at Olympic Park and experienced the atmosphere of London 2012, one of the most striking things about it was how colourful it all was.  I really hope that is kept in some way when the park is ready to be reopened to the public from later this year.

The temporary venues have now been taken away, the Olympic stadium has started its transformation and the Aquatic Centre is being prepared to have much of its seating removed,  The bright yellow seats where I sat to watch the last night of the Paralympic swimming are now exposed to the elements.

The north part of the park will reopen on July 27th, one year to the day since that famous day in 2012, with the rest due to open at Easter 2014.  I'm sure it will all look perfect in the end, I just hope that it will be able to retain some of the atmospehere and the colour that made last summer so special.


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