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No show this Sunday as it’s a busy weekend for hospital radio meetings.  On Saturday, I’m off to London for a Hospital Broadcasting Association Trustee Board meeting. 

These happen at the Civil Service Club, which sounds a lot grander than it actually is.  It’s a very old building in Old Scotland Yard with a very small lift.  The notice inside the lift says it can’t take more than 8 people, although the people they used to test this theory out must have been very small as it feels full up with 2 people in! 

The Civil Service Club is about 10 minutes walk from Waterloo station, over the Jubilee Bridge.  I’ve been doing this every other month since uly 2006 and on only 1 occasion has it ever rained on the day I’m there.  In fact on the other occasions I’ve been to London during that time, it has never rained!  I can therefore almost guarantee a nice day in London on Saturday!

On Sunday, which is the reason for no show, I have another hospital radio meeting, this time a regional gathering at Epsom Hospital Radio.  A different station hosts the region every few months as members from stations in the south get together and talk about the issues that affect us all.  It’s always very interesting to go and see other stations, and as Epson Hospital Radio is a little like us at HRB in size, and we haven’t had a meeting there for a while, it should be particularly interesting. 

The Sound of Sunday is back on May 23rd with all the usual features and then for the last show before another break on May 30th. 

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