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What I didn’t mention last week when talking about my trip to London was that in over 4 years of going to the Civil Service Club for hospital radio meetings, it’s only ever rained on me once.  In fact on one occasion it was raining in Basingstoke when I left but I was so sure it would be dry in London I didn’tbother to take my umbrella.  And I was right!

Last weekend in London, the weather was hot and sunny.  A contrast to Epsom on Sunday which wasn’t oo bad going but coming home ended in very heavy rain.  Epsom by the way must have some of the most expensive hospital car parking charges around – £9 for just over 4 hours!

By the time this weekend comes around I’ll have been to London again – this time to the ExCel centre in the east end to the Business Startup exhibition.  I’ve been to this annual event every year for about the last five years ro so and once again it’s always warm and sunny.  Last year the Docklands Light Railway wasn’t working and I had to walk from Canning Town tube station to the ExCel – a walk the loudpseaker system SAID was 9 minutes.  They must have had a fast walker timing that!

One year at the Business Startup exhibition, one styand decided to have a full Scalextrix set up and invite people to try and set the fastest lap time.  Lots of people were spending probably too much time on that stand – it was very popular, but I can’t actually remember what the company was, so maybe it wasn’t such a good idea after all.

A brand new story for Superman amongst other things this Sunday for the penultimate show of the series – live at 1.30pm.

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