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Just Like Marmite

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As Paddy O’Connell said during the semi final show on Tuesday, it’s just like Marmite – you either love it or hate it.  120 million people around the world love it including 13 million who watch in the UK, although many people would have you believe they don’t watch it – I bet they do really.

I’m talking about the annual extravaganza that is the Eurovision Song Contest

I bet that when it began 55 years ago this week, no one would ever have imagined that over half a century on, it would still be providing the opportunity for Europe to come together.  As Paddy O’Connell also said, Eurovision is the light that shines above a troubled continent (or something like that).

40 countries will be taking part this year, 25 will make it to the final, 20 of them having gone through one of the semi finals.  All the acts have to sing live.  Whatever you think of Eurovision, you have to admire the performers for being able to do that – especially with some of the energetic routines in recent years.  Ruslana for example broke the stage with her “Wild Dance” when she won in 2004.

So on The Sound of Sunday this week, we’ll reflect on a night of what the rest of Europe takes extremely seriously, the UK slightly less so, but which always provides lots of entertainment for the millions who do like it.  And you never know… the UK might even win.

The Sound of Sunday, Sunday 1.30 – 4pm, HRB

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